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CRTV Announces the New Steve Deace Show

Deace Joins Star-Studded Lineup that Includes Levin, Crowder, Steyn and Malkin

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WASHINGTON, DC (January 18, 2017) –Media company CRTV® is proud to announce its latest new talent, Steve Deace, as the host of the new Steve Deace Show. Deace will join Mark Levin, Steven Crowder, Michelle Malkin, and Mark Steyn as the newest star in CRTV’s star-studded lineup of programming.

Deace, ranked one of the Top 100 Talk Show Hosts in America by Talkers Magazine, is known for his trademark principled conservatism with a snarky twist. This rising star in conservative media will join CRTV in February.

"We're excited to add Deace to our riveting lineup," said Chris Crane, head of programming for CRTV. "The Steve Deace Show will be the latest in CRTV’s daily, live, and original program exclusively for our CRTV subscribers.” Deace's program will originate from the heartland of America.

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"I’m thrilled to join the exciting and powerful lineup at CRTV,” said Steve Deace. “I can’t wait to shake up the establishment with my new daily show!”

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