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CRTV is About to Get Louder!

WASHINGTON, DC (November 9, 2016) – Media company CRTV® is excited to announce the newest edition to its team -- none other than Steven Crowder! Notorious for pushing the comedic envelope and “triggering” modern leftists, Steven Crowder’s millions of fans love him for his lighthearted but provocative, independent and unfiltered look at today’s politics and pop culture. In the age of digital content, Crowder has independently created a sizeable podcast and syndicated radio show, “Louder with Crowder” hosted at his wildly popular website, LouderWithCrowder.com.

“I really am excited to be partnering with CRTV. This was the first team of like-minded people who understood the content and are incredibly supportive in joining me in taking it to the next level,” said Steven Crowder. “Plus, I can’t sing or dance and I’ve been fired from every regular job I’ve ever worked - including by my father - so this is perfect for me.”

“We are excited to have Steven Crowder on the CRTV team,” said Chris Crane Chief Content Officer. “He is a rare talent that can entertain and educate at the same time. He is very popular with young audiences, and reaches them in a unique way that very few conservatives can.”

About Steve Crowder

A mainstay in the worlds of television, comedy and writing, Steven Crowder has created a career often designated for people twice his age. Before being brought in as one of FoxNews’ youngest contributors ever, Steven began his career in entertainment with acting and stand up comedy.

Starting as a teenager, Steven performed at major comedy festivals, winning national talent competitions (including one on Myspace, remember that site?) all before he was old enough to legally consume a beer. Unsatisfied, Steven took his brand of take-no-prisoners, politically incorrect humor from the comedy clubs… to the Internet. Seen as somewhat of a conundrum, Crowder’s irreverent yet distinctly Conservative videos surprisingly went viral, resulting in him being thrust into the national spotlight of cable news and radio. FoxNews, CNN, HLN, you name the show, Crowder’s done it.

While still active in both television/film and comedy, Crowder is now most known for his work on the frontlines with his site, LouderWithCrowder.com. His daily articles, videos and a popular podcast/syndicated radio show has generated hundreds of millions of views and downloads. Unrestrained by the shackles of traditional media, LouderWithCrowder.com’s unfiltered approach resonates with new audiences not exposed to Conservatism before… and of course generates more hate comments than any site on the web. And he likes it that way.

“Hold onto your butts!” added Crowder.

About CRTV

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