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Fathers Day Gift 2017

Give the Gift of 1-yr CRTV Subscription for only $89

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If you are not a CRTV subscriber, you can purchase a gift of CRTV by contacting Customer Support at (800) 282-CRTV.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will the gift recipient be sent the gift email?

    You will have the opportunity to define when you want the gift recipient to receive the email with their gift information. The 1 year subscription will start once the gift recipient has claimed their gift.

  • Will the subscription auto-renew?

    No. Your card will only be charged once and the subscription will expire at the end of the 1 year of access.

  • Will my credit card be saved on the gift recipient subscription?

    No. Your credit card will not be attached to the gift subscription so if the gift recipient would like to renew the subscription they will have to add their own credit card.

  • Are gifts refundable?

    No. Gifts purchased on CRTV are non-refundable.

  • Do other discounts available on CRTV apply to gifts?

    No. Any other discount offers on CRTV such as the Military, Police, and Student discounts do not apply to gifting on CRTV.